What is this?

Acrylic pouring can be done by anyone! It is as easy as putting paint in a cup and pouring that cup on a canvas- doesn't get easier than that! You don't need to be an experienced artist to create something awesome.

Don't want a party, but want to paint? Paint kits are for you. They come with everything you need including canvas, apron, table cloth, cups, gloves, lined box, and instructional video. These make great gifts! Kits can be shipped throughout the United States.

Want to have a party, but you live outside of Utah? Order a Party in a Box. The Party in a Box comes with everything you need to host a party for 10. It comes with 10 canvases, gloves, aprons, table clothes, lined boxes, 10 bottles of paint, and instructional video.

We want people to be able to create something awesome even if they have no artistic ability whatsoever! Creating is fun and exciting except when the end result doesn't look good. Acrylic pouring is very different from other art forms. It is easy, fun and therapeutic. You really can't go wrong with this painting and you will have fun doing it!