Be real with me, how messy is it?

We have perfected the clean up of acrylic pouring. Each kit comes with 2- yes, I said 2, table clothes. You do your painting and you wrap up the table clothes like burritos and it was as if you never painted!

The kits also come with gloves and aprons to protect your clothing and skin.

We have done hundreds of paintings and have found that the only real mess that happens is when you are done painting and your wet gloves drip on the floor. This is easy to solve seeing that this paint cleans up easily on everything except clothes!


How do your paint parties work?

Paint parties are so much fun and very convenient. When you book a paint party with Redd Willow, you don't need to worry about anything. We come to you for the party. We bring tarps, tables, aprons, gloves, canvases, tons of paint, lined boxes for drying, detailed instructions, and we clean up. You will not be able to tell that you had a paint party in your house when we are done.

Check out our prices here and book a party!


Do you recommend an age for this painting?

We recommend children be at least 4 years old. We have painted with younger kids, they just require extra help.


Will this paint stain my clothes?

YES!!!! Make sure you are wearing your apron before you even open any paint. It will stain your clothes and it will NOT come out. I would recommend pushing up your sleeves and pulling back your hair to avoid any stains.


How long does it take for my painting to dry?

You will put a lot of paint on your canvas, so you will need to wait a while before you can touch it. I recommend not touching it for at least 3 days.

If you are wanting to varnish or apply decals, I suggest waiting 2 weeks. Two weeks??!!! Yes, 2 weeks. These painting have lots of layers that need to dry, it they are not completely dry it will react to the vanish and ruin your painting. Also, if you put your decal on before your painting is completely dry, it will not stick.


Should I leave my box open for the paint to dry?

For best results, I would leave my box open for the drying process. There are exceptions though. If you have small children or cats, I would leave your box closed and hidden!


How many paint colors do I get in a paint kit?

Most kits come with a base color (white or black) and 2 other colors. If you are wanting more colors, let me know. Additional bottles of paint are $4 each.


Will I have left over paint in my paint kit?

Yes. We give you extra paint to make sure you have enough for the canvas that is included in the kit. Some people are able to do another canvas with the paint, but that is only if they use it wisely.


Why do you use black or white as your base color?

Believe it or not, each color of paint has their own weight. White and black are the heaviest colors. So if we put our black or white at the bottom of our cup and flip it over making it the top of our cup, the black or white will want to escape to the bottom which creates the cool cells.


Why do we have to shake the paints?

These paints are not like other paints. We mix them in store to make sure we have a quality product. The mixture consists of acrylic paint, acrylic medium, water and silicone. When the bottles of paint have been sitting for a while the ingredients separate, we need to shake them to mix them back up so that the painting may be a success.


Are there other techniques you can do with this paint?

Yes! New techniques for acrylic pouring are being created daily. People are always trying new things. When you book a party with Redd Willow, we provide a book of technique options that you can choose from. Each person at the party gets to choose their own and than we teach them how to do it.

We also provide instructional videos on our favorite techniques that you can try with your paint kits. You can view them here.


Do you offer classes?

I would say that our parties are like classes. At each party we provide a book of technique options that you can choose from. Each person gets to choose their own and then we instruct them how to do it.

No, we do not have a location that you can come to and take a class (not yet anyway).