Now, how do I do this?

Basic Instructional Video

Who should watch this?

If you have ordered a paint kit or a party in a box, you will want to watch this video. This video shows you exactly what is in the paint kit and gives you step by step instruction for a basic acrylic pour.

Wood Cutout Instructional Video

Wood Cutouts are Available!

Wood cutouts are so much fun to paint. In this video you will see how to set up and get painting! Have fun painting your shapes.

Party in a Box

Let's get ready to party!

Did you order a party in a box? Watch this video to show you how to do everything to prepare for your upcoming party. This video shows you what is included in your box and how to assemble the boxes. You are going to have so much fun painting!

Try Something New

The 2 Cup

This paint is so much fun to play with. Once you do the standard lift the cup, you will definitely want to venture out and try different techniques. This one is very similar the the basic lift your cup technique, except that you lift 2 cups instead. This technique is so much fun and you can do so many things with it. Get creative and have some fun with paint!

The Loaded Swipe

This painting technique is super fun and it brings out the cells. You will need a wet paper towel to do this. I love to play with this technique. Try putting your colors in random formations instead of stripes. Try having your base color as black. Swipe it at a diagonal angle. The options are endless so have some fun with it!

Rainbow River

This is my daughter's favorite technique. She loves to play with the colors and who doesn't like to play with a straw? For this painting technique you will need a straw and a craft stick. Get creative and have some fun.

More instructional videos coming soon!