Acrylic Pouring Paint Kits

Want to try the best painting technique out there? Order a paint kit. They come with EVERYTHING you need to paint. Here is what it includes:

  • 8x10 canvas

  • 3 bottles of paint

  • Apron

  • Gloves

  • Table Cloth

  • Cups

  • Lined boxes

  • Detailed Instructions

Create a masterpiece in 3 easy steps

Set Up

Open the paint kit and you will find everything you need to paint an awesome painting. It comes with 3 bottles of paint, 8x10 canvas, apron, gloves, table covering, cups, and a lined box for drying. On the inside of the box you will find a QR code and a website directing you to the instructional videos.

Set Up

Set up is very easy. After you watch the instructional video you will be an expert! First, you will put down your 2 table cloths. On top of the table clothes you will place 4 cups in a rectangular shape to hold up the canvas, you will have one cup you can set aside for later use. Place your canvas on top of the cups. Put your provided apron and gloves on. Shake your paint and you are ready for the fun part!


Now we can get to the fun part of acrylic painting. Make sure you shake your paints really good before you begin. Open the paints and start filling up your extra cup with your paint. You will start with your base color (white or black) and then you will layer the rest of the colors until your cup is full. You will place your canvas on top of your cup and flip it over creating a seal with your canvas and your cup. Pour your base color paint around the base of your cup. Lift the cup to let the paint out- this is the coolest part! Set your cup aside and start tilting your canvas. I like to tilt to all the corners and try not to loose all my paint at the beginning. Once your whole canvas is painted, place your canvas in the lined box and let it dry for 3 days

"We received paint kits for Christmas. After watching the tutorial video my 7 and 9 year old painted all on their own and cleaned up! Amazing and so much fun." - Johanna H.

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