Party Details

We Come to You

We come to you for the paint party. No need to worry about driving, you and your guests getting lost, or having to pay a room rental fee. Very convenient and easy!

We Bring All the Supplies

We bring EVERYTHING! We come to you with tarps, tables, table clothes, canvases, lined boxes, gloves, aprons, cups, over 30 bottles of paint, garbage bag, and baby wipes. This paint party can't get any easier for you.

We Instruct

There are so many things you can do with this paint! We bring examples of things that you can do. Everyone gets to pick their own technique and we teach you how to do it. Each technique is fun and can be done by all ages.

We Clean Up

Worried about the mess? Don't be! We are very careful and take every precaution to keep the paint contained. You won't even know that you had a party when we are done.

Party Options

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
Outdoor paint party. Painting for all ages!
Paint parties for kids and adults in Utah
Paint parties for all ages. Fun and easy to do.

"Every canvas was a masterpiece!! Seriously! What an awesome night we had for my daughters 13th birthday party. Laura came with everything she needed...including tables, disposable tablecloths, rubber gloves, aprons, canvases, and tons of paint! Each girl chose her own colors and technique - and each painting was as different and beautiful as the girl who created it. Laura was patient and easy going with our big group of girls. I’m pretty sure this will be one of the most memorable parties we’ve ever hosted. Thanks for the fun night!" -Miriam J.