Cells or No Cells? That is the Question

Acrylic pouring is basically a mini science project. You mix a bunch of things together and see how they react with each other. The main reaction creates what is called cells. These look like little bubbles in your painting.

Check out the cells in this painting- looks so amazing!

Check out the cells in this painting. It looks amazing! The cells are created by many things. The weight of the paint is a factor- so weird I know. White and black are heavy colors, if you put them at the bottom of your cup and then flip it, the white and black want to get down and that helps form cells.

Cells are also created from the mixture of water and silicone. They don't like each other, so they try to separate.

Cells can be created by different colors reacting to each other as well. It is crazy that some colors tend to create more cells than others. What an interesting thing!

The technique you use is also a factor. The swipe technique has proven to create the best cells for me. The lift the cup technique is also very good at making cells (that technique was done for the picture on the left).

Check out my swipe painting. The cells are amazing!

This painting was a fun experiment for me- well all my paintings are. This one I used the swipe technique and I played! I swiped it once, then I swiped it again and again. It was so much fun to see how the paint reacted and what it did. The paint really has a mind of its own.

I am a big fan of cells, but I am also a big fan of no cells. There are times where no cells show up, but the painting is fantastic. Check out this painting that doesn't have any cells:

I LOVE this painting! There are no cells, but it is just beautiful. These colors have been the more popular colors by far. So pretty!

What are your thoughts? Do you like the cells? Do you like the paintings without cells? Do you like them both? I would love to know. I love all the paintings!

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Happy painting!

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