Cute Little Helper

We just finished our last show of the year! It was so fun to paint with everyone again. We have been doing more and more paint kits that I haven't done tons of painting with actual people. That is my favorite part of this job! I want to see the paint flow and I want to see how it turns out. Don't get me wrong, I love that I can share this painting technique to everyone all over the world, but I sure love to be there! I love to be a part of the memories. Plus, I am super addicted to this paint that I could watch it all day, every day!

I got a special treat at this last show. My sweet Willow, who is 8, has been begging me to come and help out at shows. I keep thinking that she is too young to help, because she is still 3 to me! The night before the last day of the show, she promised that she would be such a good helper, be so nice to people and help them paint. She was so cute with her thought process that I caved. I wasn't sure what to expect. I hoped that I could still do a great job with painting and still be a good mom in the end. I hoped that Willow wouldn't be bored. I told her that we could call daddy at any point in time and he will come get her. I thought for sure she would only last an hour or two.

If you have ever met Willow, you will know that she can't hide her excitement. When she is happy and excited her whole body shakes and sometimes she hums. She helped me set up the booth and get ready for painters. She kept saying that she just can't wait for people to paint. She couldn't wait to help the people. She just kept saying that it was so much fun. People would walk by and she would smile and wave- it was just so cute.

We had quite a few painters and Willow helped them so much. She got them the apron and gloves. She set up the cups and placed the canvas perfectly on top of them. She helped them choose colors and she helped them finish off the edges of the canvases when they were done. She helped clean up and box up all the paintings and also gave care instructions. I was very proud of her and it was so much fun to watch.

Willow loved helping me so much that she stayed for over 10 hours!! Even when the show was over, she said she wished it wasn't. She wants to paint every day and with everyone. Her favorite part of the day was when she got to make her own painting. She was shaking and humming and having a great time.

Sure love this Willow of mine!

As a side note, we are also very busy this time of year with paint parties. There are so many birthdays in the month of December and this has turned out to be the best thing for them. I have always felt bad for people that had birthdays in December. First off, I think they get cheated on presents. Secondly, it is cold outside! You can't have a pool party for your birthday in December. You really can't even go outside, so what is there to do? We solve that problem! We come to you with all the supplies and we paint! It never disappoints! As a side note, January is filling up fast as well, so if you are thinking about having a party make sure you book it soon so you can get the date you want.

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