Give the Gift of Memories

It is all the rage these days to give the gift of memories. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of stuff! My house is a complete disaster because of all the stuff that we have. We have a million toys that my kids never play with and they are always telling me that our house is so boring. How could they be bored with all this stuff? I think that we have too much stuff that the kids are overwhelmed. Stuff does not make us happy. I now see why our society is shifting to a minimalist society. Without all the stuff, maybe my head won't want to pop off all the time due to the clutter?

But wait!! Christmas is coming, what should I do? Give the gift of memories! We started giving memory gifts a long time ago. When I was first married, I gave my husband and other family tickets to concerts, plays, etc. where we could all go together and make a memory. I have such fond memories of those gifts and the experiences that came with them.

We gave my in-laws concert tickets for Christmas once. We thought that it was going to be a cute and lovely Christmas concert (we didn't do our research very well). We got them and us tickets to to the Trans Siberian Orchestra. If you are like me and don't know who this band is, let me inform you- it is a hard rock band that sings 1 Christmas song!! There was an amazing laser show going on, fire, VERY LOUD music, a headbanging violinist, you name it and we saw it. My in-laws dressed up for the occasion, but we were surrounded by Gothic dressed people. My in-laws were trying to pretend that they were enjoying the concert, but in reality they were dying. How do you think we felt? We were mortified! We could not believe that we made this huge mistake. It was so embarrassing. But I can tell you that that is the hardest I have ever laughed after we dropped off the in-laws. It is also the most brought up story during family get-togethers. It was a memory! It is a memory that we will never forget.

What are my kids remembering at Christmas? They for sure aren't remembering all the toys and stuff they got. They play with it for 2 seconds and it is thrown in a bin and never thought of again. Why are we doing that to ourselves? This year is the year we will give memories! Here are some of my ideas:

Tickets- tickets to a sporting event, concert, play, zoo, water park, amusement park, etc.

Dates - We love daddy/mommy dates! We can give coupons to fun special places to go, places to eat, and places to play.

Lessons - Why not give dance lessons as a gift? Guitar lessons, golf lessons, the options are endless. This helps cultivate a skill that they can have for the rest of their lives.

Games - We love games in our family and it is a way that we can build fun memories together without leaving the house.

Unique activities- you better believe that my kids will get more paint kits from Redd Willow. We do them all the time, but my kids can't get enough. It is one of those things that you can never get enough of and you can have fun doing them together.

These are memories that your kids will never forget! Order you paint kits today and anticipate the fun memories. Paint kits start at just $15. Want to make an even more memorable memory? Give a paint party as a Christmas gift! How fun would that be? Paint parties start at just $75.

Happy memory giving!

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