Happy Birthday Redd Willow!

I can't believe that Redd Willow is 2 years old! What a roller coaster it has been. I am nervous about my company being 2. Do companies go through the terrible 2's? If so, I am in trouble. If Redd Willow was a person, here is what I think it would be like this coming year:

1- Redd Willow no longer paints with their fingers, it paints with a cup

2- Redd Willow no longer drinks the paint from the cup

3- Redd Willow likes more and more different colors

4- Redd Willow will not just paint on a canvas any more, it wants different shapes

5- Redd Willow no longer sleeps, it is too excited about what tomorrow will bring

Let's celebrate Redd Willow's 2nd birthday! We are going to giveaway a $100 Redd Willow giftcard! Find our giveaway post on Facebook and Instagram on December 3rd to enter. This is a big giveaway so mark your calendars. Who doesn't want to win $100 before Christmas? Remember to enter!

Thank you to all of our customers to make this possible. We would not be able to survive 2 years without awesome people to support us!

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