Happy Valentine's Day

Updated: May 18, 2019

What do you do on Valentine's Day? Most people celebrate with their loved ones by eating a bunch of chocolate and going out to dinner. I love to spend time with my family and make memories. Seeing that I own a painting company, we do a lot of painting on the holidays (let's be honest, we paint all the time). Valentine's Day was special this year though because our youngest was able to paint with us. He had the time of his life and he did a great job!

Look at that cute little guy. He has wanted to paint for a very long time because he sees everyone else painting all the time. He got his little paint kit and went for it. The aprons that are included in the paint kit fit all sizes from little little to big big. Oh, and check out his painting! If a 2 year old can do that, so can you!
First Painting at 2 Years Old

Willow got all sorts of creative with her painting. She no longer wants to just lift up the cup of paint, she wants to do all the cool techniques out there and play. She always has the cutest ideas. When she gets excited, her entire body starts shaking and you better believe that her body was shaking so hard when she was painting that I was surprised that she didn't cause an earthquake!

Valentine's painting kit done by a 7 year old. The paint kits came with everything that you need to make a masterpiece. Do you think she is happy? I just can't tell with that huge smile. She had so much fun and the painting was super easy to do.
Valentine's Painting

Redd was all business when it came to his Valentine's Day painting. He meticulously put all the colors in his cup, flipped the canvas over, did all the steps before I could even help. He was so cute. He wants to prove that he can do things on his own, and he proved it! Check out how his paint kit turned out:

This paint kit had black, pink and red in it. I think it turned out cool and it wasn't too "girly" for him. He put all the paint in a cup and poured it on the canvas and this is how it turned out! Masterpiece.
Redd's Painting

These paintings will be so much fun to have in the years to come. It will be fun to do these paintings every year to compare and make more memories. Redd Willow has provided an easy way to make really cool art no matter your age. You can order a paint kit here or book a paint party here. Happy Valentine's Day!

Meet Laura:

She is the owner of Redd Willow. She is a proud mom of three children under the age of 8. Laura has always had a sense of adventure and loves to try new things. She has had every job under the sun. From working at Disney World to driving a tour bus in Alaska. Redd Willow is her new adventure and she is loving every second of it. Her favorite part about her business is seeing the joy on faces as they create something awesome.

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