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Updated: May 18, 2019

This type of paint is so much fun and there are so many fun things you can do with it. In the next few weeks we will be making online tutorial videos to show you different things you can do with this paint. This paint is not like any that you have used before. It is super fun to play with and try new things.

Here are some of my favorite techniques:

This is a cup drag. First, you paint your canvas all black, fill up your cup with paint, flip the cup over onto the canvas, and drag the cup across the canvas. It always turns out so cool. I also like to add finishing touches by blowing the paint into the black section with a straw. It really is so much fun to play with!

This painting was done by dragging a cup across a canvas with black paint. At paint parties we teach these fun techniques. You can also do these techniques with your paint kit!
The Cup Drag

This is a Cherry Blossom Tree. This technique is HARD. It takes practice, but it is a lot of fun. I did a regular acrylic pour and while it was still wet I created the tree and the blossoms. This is my favorite painting I have ever done.

This painting was very difficult, but with practice it can be done. This whole painting was done when all of the paint was wet. I didn't go back and paint over a pour. This was so much fun!
Cherry Blossom

I love painting waves, especially in the winter where it is so cold and snowy. It makes me feel like I am at the beach somewhere warm. The waves look complicated, but really it is just lines of paint blown with a straw. So simple, yet so cool.

I love painting waves. It is so fun and they always turn out cool. Acrylic pouring paint can be manipulated easily to create the image you want.
The Wave

The colors of this painting just kill me. I love them so much. When I was painting this piece, I kept thinking, "is this too bright?" I am so glad I stuck with the colors- I love it! With this painting, I covered the whole canvas in white paint then put all my color at the bottom of the canvas and just let them drip down to the other side. It was so much fun to watch this one flow to the other side. It was interesting to watch what they paints were doing and which direction they went. LOVE LOVE LOVE this painting. Hmm I think I have said that about all of them so far, but how can you not love something that you created?

This painting was done with acrylic pouring paints. The colors are amazing and it was a lot of fun to work with. Learn this technique at paint parties!
Let it Drip

These are just a few of the techniques out there. There are so many fun things you can do with is fun paint. I just like to play and try new things- they don't always work, but they are always fun! Stay tuned for more techniques in future blog posts.

Want to book a paint party or try a paint kit? Book a paint party online here, purchase a paint kit here, or call me at 435-764-5761. Let your creativity pour!!

Meet Laura:

She is the owner of Redd Willow. She is a proud mom of three children under the age of 8. Laura has always had a sense of adventure and loves to try new things. She has had every job under the sun. From working at Disney World to driving a tour bus in Alaska. Redd Willow is her new adventure and she is loving every second of it. Her favorite part about her business is seeing the joy on faces as they create something awesome.

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