Who is ready for May to be over? I am just exhausted thinking about May. There are so many things going on. It feels like Christmas time, but without any presents to look forward to. There are end of the year projects, graduations, sporting activities, end of the year teacher gifts, more performances, recitals, and the list could go on for forever!

Have you seen this video by the Holderness Family?

This video is genius and exactly how I feel- I am just tired of May!

How are you going to get through May? I am going to eat lots of chocolate, sweat my brains out at the gym, and paint! I am going to plan a paint party with my friends and have chocolate there. I will focus on the party instead of all the things we have to do in May.

Do you have plans for a paint party this summer? Start thinking about it now, not only to get through May, but to get a spot before they are all booked. We tend to get very busy in the summer because people like the idea of painting outside.

Willow is also wanting to do a paint party this summer with her friends. She wants to host it, teach everyone, and clean up. She wants it to be HER party. She does not need my help.

Paint parties are a great way to distract you from the craziness of May. They get you excited about school being out and being able to paint outside.

Book a paint party now before you are too late! I will make it easy for you, click HERE.

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