Merry Christmas!

This day has finally come! We get to spend some time with the people we love and enjoy the gift of giving. I sure hope that your holidays are full of happiness and joy. I hope that you have good health so that you can enjoy this time of year.

When I was younger, I thought that I loved Christmas. I loved getting presents! I loved seeing the presents pile up under the Christmas tree and search for my name. I loved the exciting feeling on Christmas Eve- I am pretty sure I never fell asleep because I was way too excited to sleep.

When it was time to wake up Christmas morning, we always had to wait, what seemed like eternity, for my mom to light a million candles so we could open our presents in candle light. It was such a fun tradition that I didn't appreciate until I was older. Then we would rush to the tree and our stockings and just start ripping through our presents.

When I was about 6 years old, I realized that at Christmas you gave gifts too. I hadn't been giving gifts before so this was new to me. So I thought about all the people in my life and thought about what I could give them. For my oldest sister, I wrapped up my old hair brush (with hair still in it). For my middle sister, I wrapped up an old barbie doll that I didn't play with anymore. For my mom, I wrapped up some half used body spray. Looking back at this I think it is so funny, but when I was younger I felt like I was sacrificing and truly making someone else happy. My sisters were not very impressed when they opened their not so new presents, but I felt good about giving.

Now that I am older, I have gained a deeper love for Christmas. I don't care about presents that I get. My favorite part of Christmas is my kids. They are so excited and the magic is in their eyes. I know it is hard for them to wait for Christmas, but when it finally comes it is worth it. The joy and excitement they have just brings tears to my eyes every time.

I hope that your Christmas is one of happiness and good memories!

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