No Paint Brushes?

We have been doing this painting for a while and we still get a lot of questions about why we don't use paint brushes. Most people think that if there is paint involved there must also be paint brushes. That is true until acrylic pouring was born!

I have found that if you are to paint with a paint brush, you are full of anxiety. Painting with a paint brush is a precise art form. If you do it wrong it looks terrible, if you do it right, it looks awesome. Average people can't always get it right.

At Redd Willow we and painting to be anxiety free and fun. Every painting turns our amazing and it is super easy. Instead of paint brushes we use cups. We pour our specially mixed paint into a cup and then pour it on the canvas and watch the paint work its magic. It really is that easy and it really does turn out that cool.

Why should you try acrylic pouring? It is fun!!! It turns our awesome everything with no anxiety attached. The only anxiety you will experience is choosing your colors (sorry, that one is hard to get around).

You can try this fun and easy painting by contacting us at Redd Willow. We offer paint parties and paint kits. Paint parties start at just $75 and we come to you with EVERYTHING. Paint kits come with your choice of an 8x10 canvas or a wood cutout. You will find everything you need in the box including the paint, apron, gloves, table cloth and detailed instructions.

Contact us today!, 435-764-5761,

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