Not a December Birthday!!

I don't know about you, but I have a December baby. it is tough! Redd's birthday is December 11th and every year he wishes that his birthday was in the summer. ha ha. He wants to have an outdoor birthday party or go swimming. I feel so bad for the little guy. This is what Redd looks like every time his birthday rolls around:

What should we do for those cute kids that have birthdays in December? Did you know that Redd Willow does amazing paint parties indoors? It is the best solution to your sad child problem. You get to choose from 3 sizes of canvases or over 20 wooden cutout shapes. You could have a fun themed shark party were everyone gets to paint a shark and take it home. These parties make lasting memories because they are so much fun and you get to keep your painting.

Now, lets talk about the mom's here. When I throw a party, I am super stressed out and I want to cry my eyes out. Are you like me? Here is the good news, if you book a paint party with Redd Willow, we come to you with everything. The only thing the parents need to worry about is space! We bring tarps to lay out on the floors, we bring our own tables, table clothes, paint, canvases/wood cutouts, aprons, gloves, lined boxes for safe transportation, and detailed instruction. Oh, and the best part, we clean up! So you get a super fun party, but you don't need to worry about anything.

Here are some of the things other moms have said after a party. "This was so great! I will never throw a party on my own again." "I can't believe how easy that was!" "Can I book you for all the parties for the rest of my life?" "The kids had so much fun and I didn't have to do anything!"

Paint parties with Redd Willow are kid and parent approved. That doesn't happen very often in life. Happy parents= happy kids= happy life! After a paint party with Redd Willow everyone will be happy and the party will be a success (even if it is in the winter)!

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