Paint Some Rocks!

Updated: May 18, 2019

So you have bought the paint kit and realized that I gave you more paint than you need (I do that on purpose- just in case)? What should you do with the extra paint?

Here are some things I would do with that extra paint:

* Buy more kits to get more colors and more canvases!

* Paint on another canvas

* Paint on some glass (flower vases are fun)

* Paint on a rock

You can basically paint on anything, why not rocks? They are free and they can make a very interesting pop of color to your home.
These would be perfect rocks to paint!

Wait! What? You want me to paint on a rock? Yes! Rocks are free and it is super fun. Why not use the extra paint that you have?

We have this group in our community called 801 Rocks. They paint rocks and hide them for people to find. They want to "bring happiness to the world one random rock at a time." It is such a fun idea and when my kids find a painted rock, they go crazy. Why not paint a rock and hide it for someone to find?

When I was little, I used to paint rocks all the time. It was so much fun. I painted big rocks for a door stop, I painted small rocks to put in as decoration at the bottom of a plant, medium rocks to place around the house, you name it, I painted it.

Need more fun ideas for your leftover paint? Check out this website: it is full of fun ideas to do with paint.

Now go, order a kit and then paint a rock with the extra paint!

Meet Laura:

She is the owner of Redd Willow. She is a proud mom of three children under the age of 8. Laura has always had a sense of adventure and loves to try new things. She has had every job under the sun. From working at Disney World to driving a tour bus in Alaska. Redd Willow is her new adventure and she is loving every second of it. Her favorite part about her business is seeing the joy on faces as they create something awesome.

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