Painting Mishaps

Updated: May 18, 2019

Let's talk about what could happen to your paintings when you are done.

1. You paint it and drive in your car

So pretty. Be careful!
Before the car ride

After Car Ride

If you must travel right after you paint, make sure you have someone in your car to stabilize your painting. The perfect situation would be to leave your painting overnight at the event location.

2. You take it home to dry and the cat loves it.

Keep your painting away from cats!

For whatever reason cats LOVE acrylic pours. I have had so many people tell me that they took their painting home and now they have paw prints in their painting and all over their houses! If you have a cat, put you painting in the closet and shut the doors. Make sure it dries for a few days before letting it out.

3. You take the painting home to dry and your kids LOVE it.

Keep your painting away from kids!

Kids love these paintings and they look so pretty that they have to touch them. If you want your painting fingerprint-free, keep it away from all kids.

4. Forget that your painting is in the box you are carrying.

Before you forgot:

When you remembered:

Keep your painting level- don't tilt while in box

It still looks awesome like this, but it was not what you painted! Avoid this by keeping your box level and not tilting it while you transport it home. This is also what happens when you drop it, make sure you don't drop it!

We want your original painting to last and bring you good memories. Remember these tips when you paint and you will have your masterpiece perfect for forever.

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Let your creativity pour!

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