Spice it Up!

Updated: May 18, 2019

I am so excited to announce that we now have vinyl decals you can put on your dried paintings. We have a ton of decals to choose from and they could make any painting look even cooler. Check this out:

This looks so amazing! It looks like a cool sunset or a fire- I can’t decide. All I know is that I love this!

What about this one:

What would you choose to place on your painting? We have so many options and we also do custom orders. What something we don't offer? Call us at 435-764-5761 or email us at reddwillow@yahoo.com.

Check out some of the decals we do have:

We can do so many fun things with these decals. What to put a quote on your painting? Sure! Let's do it. I am so excited for this and I can't wait to see the finished products!

Let your creativity pour!

Meet Laura:

She is the owner of Redd Willow. She is a proud mom of three children under the age of 8. Laura has always had a sense of adventure and loves to try new things. She has had every job under the sun. From working at Disney World to driving a tour bus in Alaska. Redd Willow is her new adventure and she is loving every second of it. Her favorite part about her business is seeing the joy on faces as they create something awesome.

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