Summer Fun

I forget how crazy summer gets. I was so excited to have school done and be free from a schedule. I was not expecting this summer to be so busy. I just want to make the best of the summer, so I end up doing a million activities with my kids. My kids are exhausted and so am I hahaha! We do have down days here and there, but normally we are go, go, go. We have only been out of school for a month and we have been to Lagoon 5 times, gone to the Planetarium 2 times, gone swimming more times than I can count, went to the zoo, traveled to Vernal, aveled to Montana, gone to a million baseball games, and have played outside non-stop. So fun.

We seriously have had so much fun and we still have 2 months left! What is next? We are going to St. George and Toledo, Ohio. We will go to Lagoon and swimming a million more times. We are also going to fit in some camping!

What have you been up to this summer? What fun things do you have planned?

Need something fun that the whole family would love? Paint parties are awesome! We come to you with all the supplies and we teach you how to make amazing art. Summer is the best time for paint parties too because you can paint outside! So many people are very nervous about painting inside (which, they shouldn't be because we have you taken care of!), so this will solve a lot of those anxieties.

Did you know that when you allow children to create new things it boosts their confidence in all things? I love to see my kids create and feel so proud of what they accomplished. They feel so good that the confidence spills over into other aspects of their lives. Love it.

Book a paint party today! Book Now. Or you can purchase paint kits to do at your leisure. Party in a box is a great option when you don't live in Utah.

Have a fun summer!

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